The "Little Terror" Ice Tool


Introducing a junior-sized ice tool for all of those young aspiring ice climbers out there.  After taking many kids out ice climbing over the years and watching them struggle with full-sized ice tools I saw a need for a smaller tool that would be easier for kids to handle.  The Little Terror is designed as a low-cost and low-performance ice tool specifically for kids weighing less than 100lbs learning the basics of ice climbing in a top-roping environment.  The picks are not replaceable but the target price of the Little Terrors are $100/pair which is equivalent to the cost of a set of new picks for regular ice tools on the market today.



Little Terror                            Petzl Nomic


Though I have personally climbed moderate routes with the Little Terror for the purposes of testing it is not intended to be used as a 3rd tool.  The one-piece pick and shaft with integrated handle ("full tang") is made from alloy steel which will fully support the weight of a full grown adult but it is not designed to withstand severe side-to-side flex or torquing.  The steel shaft and handle is sandwiched between pieces of impact resistant plastic.





The Little Terror was recently demoed by kids at the 2018 Smugg's Ice Bash



Little Terror Video Review